Silver Lake Love Letters

Silver Lake Love Letters is a grass roots project to inspire people to move the flow of energy towards a good cause by writing letters to the shelter disadvantaged people of Los Angeles.

Silver Lake Love Letters

Receiving a hand written letter, is one of the most precious experiences a person can have in their lifetime. Throughout history, this lost art has had the power to make people fall in love, inspire careers, alter the course of popular culture, and end wars. The emotional power of letters has the ability to change lives. Through the Silver Lake Love Letter Project, now you have that.

Silver Lake Love Letters gives people around the world the opportunity to write a letter to someone who is shelter disadvantaged and in need of help.

You can write about anything, a poem, a letter of encouragement, about your day, or also about a rough time you may be going through. As you write, you’ll find the experience of putting your thoughts on paper rewarding not only for the reader, but also for you. 

In a world of email, instant messages, and texts, receiving a written letter is something truly special. And for someone who does not even have an address by which to receive one, this feeling is twice as powerful.

You have the power to make someone’s day a little brighter and to inspire them to achieve their dreams. Become a part of Project Silver Lake Love Letters, Let your creativity, humanity, and compassion change someone’s life.

How to send your letters:


Attn: Silver Lake Love Letters
943 Sanborn Ave, Unit 2
Los Angeles, CA 90029


Also available is a printable postcard that you can use to mail us.