About Us

Silver Lake Love is a local grassroots nonprofit organization that addresses the humanity behind homelessness in Los Angeles. Los Angeles has the highest count of chronically homeless individuals in the United States.

Silver Lake Love attempts to address the often overlooked emotional and morale causes of homelessness that often deal with love, acceptance, dignity, respect, and the right to be recognized as a fellow human being and citizen of the earth. We aim to combat the structural dehumanization of the homeless. We work to help homeless individuals feel seen, feel heard, and feel cared for.

We believe our mission compliments the many other organizations in Los Angeles that offer solutions related to housing, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, temporary shelters, and job training.

We believe that the most productive methods of combatting the homelessness problem is a multi-faceted approach and we are committed to doing our part.

Our Philosophy

Silver Lake Love is founded on the principle that everyone matters. We pose the question: At what point does the dehumanization of the homeless impact the vicious cycle of homelessness? The lack of respect and recognition of those without homes have the power to breed much anger and bitterness, which forms a snowballing effect of further promoting the negative energies that lead to chronic homelessness. Everyone matters.

Help us promote this message. To get involved, contact us at: info@silverlakelove.org

Ronald Davis, describes his life being homeless, and tears up as he describes the indignities. “I’m not a bum, I’m a human being,” he says, choking up with tears.

Silver Lake Love is a proud member of the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce. Through the Chamber, Silver Lake Love is able to partner with local businesses in Silver Lake to continue our community outreach.