Community Closet


Where community art meets social purpose.
Sharing kindness, one closet at a time.

We at Silver Lake Love believe in the goodness of people and the oneness of people, no matter what you have or don’t have in this journey through life.

The Community Closet was our social experiment, relying on the goodness of people to recognize an opportunity to give and do good.  The first Community Closet was installed at Sunset Triangle in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.  Filled with great quality gently used sweaters, jackets, and clothes, it is free for the taking.  Anyone in need is invited to take.  Anyone who wants to give, is invited to leave something for someone else in the drawer.

The community responded and we have seen the drawers emptied and filled, and kindness is constantly on the move.  The experiment worked, and we are in the process of rolling out several more across the city of LA.  Stay tuned…

Why a Community Closet?

Through our experience working with those struggling on the streets, we learned that some won’t accept clothing even if they really need it, for a multitude of complex reasons. We once approached a young girl who was wearing nothing but a shirt and visibly shaking from the cold, but curiously, she refused to take the jacket we offered.  She said that if her boyfriend saw her taking clothes from us, she would be beaten.  There could be a variety of barriers to accepting help that many people don’t understand. Whether it be lack of access, shame, embarrassment, their pride, etc. and more etc’s, we hope this Community Closet can become a symbol of free access and a community-driven way to share and exchange clothing for anyone in need or want.

Can I start a Community Closet in my neighborhood?

This question has come in many times, to our delight, and the answer is YES! Stay tuned for more details on how to join the Silver Lake Love Community Closet Network. Contact us at if you are interested in getting involved!

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Visit the original Community Closet located in Sunset Triangle between Pine and Crane and Mornings Nights — Sunset Blvd between Maltman Ave and Edgecliff Drive.